Our Mission

The mission of Municipal Development Institute is to provide charitable assistance to the public through comprehensive organizational, informational, educational, methodological, material, financial and technical assistance of municipal development and social-economic reform of public utilities infrastructure in Ukraine.

Our Goals

The major goals of the Organization are:

  • Assistance in increase of educational and informational level of the public in respect of condition and problems of municipal development and development of public utilities infrastructure.
  • Assistance in cooperation between non-governmental non-for-profit organizations, companies, institutions, individuals and state and local administrations.
  • Assistance in sharing experience of developed, democratic countries in respect of municipal development, reform of public utilities infrastructure.
  • Assistance in development of local government.
  • Assistance in development of democratic informational environment, activities of mass media.
  • Assistance in cooperation of environment preservation between state and local administrations, non-governmental non-for-profit organizations, entrepreneurs and their associations, companies, scientific institutions, other interested parties on local, regional and national level.
  • Assistance in free sharing of experience and information regarding preservation of environment and municipal development.
  • Assistance in increase of the public involvement in local politics, preparation of decisions, which might influence environment.
  • Assistance to ecological public institutions and other interested parties in activities aimed at environment preservation.
  • Assistance in collection, learning, processing and distribution of information regarding best management practices and advanced technologies in public utilities sector.
  • Assistance in development and implementation in Ukraine national, regional, local and international programs, aimed at development of natural and harmonious ways of human living, at improvement of social, economic and ecological situation in the society, and on municipal development.
  • Assistance in preparation and implementation of plans for social-economic development of municipal administration.
  • Assistance in organization of seminars, lectures, conferences, courses, exhibitions which relate to the Organization's activities.
  • Assistance for publications related to the activities of the Organization.

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